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Idle Air Control Valve Need Help!


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Ok this will be my first post here and I hope someone can help me. My Nissan had the check engine light on and the shop said it was going to cost about 240.00 to replace the IACvalve so I read online that a guy cleaned his out with some carb cleaner and it fixed it (it had a bunch of gunk in it) well I did that and it worked the car idled fine after and the check engine light went off. My girlfriends 96 Toyota Camry 4 cyl has the same problem so I went to go find the IACV and it looks to me that the valve is under the fuel injection manifold right where I cant reach a screw driver in to get it off. Is this the right one? It’s under the throttle, sound like the idle air control valve to you? Well if anyone knows how I can get it off that would be great since I tried every different size screw driver, sticking my hand in there trying to loosen the screws. It seems to me that I would have to take the whole manifold off just to get it off. It's starting to frustrate me and I need help

If anyone knows where I can see a diagram of the engine online that would be cool too

Thanks, Chris :ffs:

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can you post a phot of what you mean and also she engine code e.g 3s-ge etc. on the 3s-gte the isc valve is directly under the throttle on the throttle body

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