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Ep91 Toyota Starlet Sportif (turbo Conversion In Progress)


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  • 2 weeks later...

thanks....all the exausts that i have seen for the starlet have included a big muffler, would the sound drive me mad?? and where would i get one that has a reasonable sized muffer?

yes it can be a pain when all you wanna do is drive home after a long day, but other times the sound is just what you need. hks do a silent power exhaust system if you're after a more quiet exhaust.

Also if i get suspension lowered...sould i just get the lowering springs or the whole suspension, and would the ride be too hard to drive on an everyday basis? and would you recommend specific brands and where to get them 4rm?

get the dampers too, lowering on standard dampers moves them out of their effective operating range and ruins the ride and handling. i would recommend tein springs with koni dampers. alternatively, look at coilover kits.

the mr2 seats in the starlet...do they fit in easily?

if you're handy with a welder it's not a massive job :)

I want to get an air filter, do you have any reccomendations...K&N?? shall i go for a universal one, because i can't find one specificly for the starlet.

K&N is fine, or others like the apexi power intake i think it's called. i was originally using a pipercross. honest opinion is go for a panel filter though, to retain the cold air feed.

The car dosn't have a rev counter, is there anywhey i can get one eg: taking instrument cluster from the glanza maybe??

best bet is to find the cluster from a starlet SR. there is a wiring guide on uk starlet club . com (without spaces)

on your car it has bike style number plates on it...is it just a direct replacement?

the plates are import sized and are direct replacement :)

Last thing where did you get the laguna splitter 4rm?

eBay, but check your local scrapyards first


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  • 2 months later...

When you mean laguna splitter......do you mean renult laguna splitter??

and how would you fit it?

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peak 243bhp, backed off to 241 for safety :)


222.6lb.ft torque








looks like it could be a good sleeper car :thumbsup: these cars are alot of fun with 200 or more bhp :D nice project mate
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  • 3 weeks later...

where can i get the'JDM Crystal Headlamps', and the 'sr clocks'....for the clocks im looking for sr's that are breaking, but there aren't much.

the headlamps i can't find anywhere!! help!!

and by the way im getting kyb shocks with cobra spring lowering 30mm, and a k&n panel filter

im not getting the 4efte conversion yet because i just passed my driving test, and i need some experience before driving a 133+bhp car. also i wont be able to pay for the petrol...ill get it in a year or two.

Anup :D

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  • 1 year later...

hows it going mate... i have a wee starlet sr and i have put an ep82 engine in it. its running on the sr loom and brain because i dont know wat loom to get for it. it is supposed to be pushin 180bhp but as i cnt get the loom sorted its onli runnin 120... can u plz tell me wat way ur going about urs. wud be a great help... email me on craig1943@hotmail.co.uk

am new to dis forum btw. so dnt reali know how it works


type in starlet sr ep82 engine conversion in on modifiedcars.com mate and u cn see the rest of my piks


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  • 2 years later...

most of it was on the fusebox side, getting the right voltages going to the right places

hi I'm new to the forum. I've got a sportif and everything out of the ep82. 4efte engine and box. dash loom and ecu, engine bay loom. going by what u said everything should hook up? the major work is on the fuse box side. is there a diagram or photos u can help me with?

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  • 1 year later...

hi i have toyota starlet 15 diesel engine its hard to convert the engine to glanza v ? what you've changede to convertasion ? i changed the brack disks already

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