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Break-in For A New Car ?!


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Just found this article on another way to break-in a new car..

Can anyone tell me their opinion on the subject ???

I dont know much abt how the internal of an engine works....so i dont understand the rings and stuff....anyone have opinions ???


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i took it easy for the first 500klms then slowly drove harder, getting it over 6000 rpm about 5 times before it did 1000klms.

Some people say to drive slowly for 1000klms but some reckon u should drive it like you will in the future ie normally, occasional thrash.

A small amount of people suggested thrashing the car from day one, i think they just wanna see the car stuff up :ffs:

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when i bought me yaris t's i asked the rep on how long to run it in for.

he said that on modern cars they never state a running in time due to the engines being so much better and refined than in ealier years.

he did however say that for your own piece of mind, take it easy for 200 miles, keep it below 4000rpm an dont thrash it, just to make sure the Oil and other fluids are going where they should be.

fine no probs i thought, then i took it home an me old man begged for a go and thrashed it round the back roads! but it was fine, no harm done.


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i don´t think there is anything to think about with a new car, but as all cars, new and old ones you MUST wait so the engine gets warmed up before reving it. When engine is cold i don´t rev it past 3000 rpm´s.

Otherwise, drive as you always will. Toyota-cars is among the most longlasting cars in the world.

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