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Yts Front Spoiler - Exhaust - Komi Adjustable Shoc

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Hi i would appreciate some replys as it is much needed at the moment as i am wiling to spend money on my YTS...

Right can u guys give me links and help as to who and where fits these parts...

1) Front Spoiler for YTS (Who stocks these or wot is th Toyota part number and does the dealer fir these? (Price...?)

2) Hks Hiper Muffler Cat back Exhaust (95mm/4 inch approx), Does these sound the dogs bits? Have any of you ppl out there got any pics of this fitted? I can get hold of one of these as i know someone who has them in stock...its true cancelled orders from peple who never collected. Sound samples..didn't think so?

3) Are these Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers from Komi the dogs bits....do they look cool fitted and these in my opinion look like the ones fitted on the yaris vitz in the video (http://www.toyota.co.jp/Showroom/customize/vitz/sportscustom/rs_turbo/sound/download/vitz_si_high.wmv) Look when the engine is revved ook very similar to komi's.......Secondly who stocks and fits these?

4) What other useful parts seem to outstand that you people know of? Such as from fensport without going silly?

Thanks guys replys to this posted will have feedback on my YTS and i do hope you can help even with a small reply.

Regards David ( :thumbsup: )

Current on YTS Professionally tinted windows

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Do you mean KONI instead of KOMI?

I have a set of KONI sport installed to my Yaris, but it doesn't came

with coil springs.

The one I saw from your movie link, which looks like Bilstien.

Almost the same quality as Koni's.

The other good choice is Olins,but they're not cheap!


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