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Anyone Had Tonsils Removed?


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Hi All, Seeing as it's been quiet-ish here thought I'd add a topic of the "different" variety! :lol:

As some of you may know I have had problems recently where I had an abcess on my neck & have been suffering with sore throats, difficulty swallowing and an either blocked or running nose! I was referred to a Consultant by my GP and after an MRI Scan, X-Ray, 2 blood tests and quite a few Consultant visits I found out today that I have to have my tonsils removed on his recommendation & my sinuses flushed. It's scheduled for 16th Jan & is under Bupa so hopefully it wont get cancelled or rescheduled. The abcess is all sorted, but could come back anytime my tonsils are like they are..

Has anyone had theirs removed that can remember how it went and how you felt afterwards? The sinus thing I am not bothered about - it's the operation! It'll be two weeks off work aswell..

Any advice appreciated :yes:


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I had mine removed when i was 11

It was so simple - i was in hospital for an overnight stay then they took me down to theatre the next day, put me under anaesthetic which felt really weird - they tell you to count to 20 - i didnt make it past 3 and i was gone lol

Then next thing i know i woke up in the recovery room , the nurse told me to go back to sleep so i did and then i woke up in my bed.

My throat was pretty sore afterwards and i got conned- dad told me i would be having loads of ice cream when actaully they gave me toast - ouch! :(

But it didnt take long to heal up - and its been plain sailing ever since

Before the op it would take me an hour to eat a simple dinner because i had to eat really small bits and also i would talk like i had a cold all the time

Now everything is fine

I did have one incident with my GP though - couple of years ago i went to him about a sore throat - and looked down my throat - he said 'well its not your tonsils they look fine' :blink:

'and i said to him - well sinc i had them removed 9 years ago it shouldnt be them causing the problem' :huh::lol:

So unless he was a really crap GP ive been told that they can grow back - but i think this is if you have it done when you are young. So i gather mine have grown back.

Not caused me any futher problems though

Hope that helps :thumbsup:

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Had mine done at about 8.

Still remember it all very vividly, as it wasn't my best experience in a hospital!

Fairly simple procedure though. I was kept in overnight because of my condition (short story - born with weak heart, almost died on operating table because of that, vomiting blood after op, etc, etc... Told you it wasn't my best experience! :D ), but nowadays I think it can be a one-day operation.

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There was a post recently on another forum & from some people it didn't sound bad, from others it sounded absolutely gruesome, I'm in no rush to get them out after reading some of the posts though :no:

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Best done when you are a child, but seeing as you are not, you will be poorly for about a week afterwards (its worse with adults). Make sure you are with someone at home for some TLC

Complications (after the operation) can include bleeding from the site. Expect a VERY prolonged sore throat afterwards.

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had mine out when i was 18 and far better now

the reason your not to have icecream etc is because it coats the back of your throat and bacteria sticks to it causing it to get infected where as the dry rough stuff scrapes it down!!

Was very sore for a couple of days but worth it

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My brothers had them removed - he doesnt remember anything about it, he was quite young at the time.

I havent, but I have had a few ops in my time and really dont be worried - you'll be in good hands, probably better hands than I was as I was NHS! :lol: I've had a hernia op, broken my arm and had to have my bones pinned and had to have brain scans (and yes, before anyone comments, they did find my brain :lol: )

Tonsils out is such a routine op - you'll be absolutely fine - all the best, hope you dont feel too groggy afterwards and make a full recovery :thumbsup:

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