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Adding Transponder Key To 2003 Corolla Verso

Paul S

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I've bought a 2003 Corolla Verso (diesel) which only came with one master key and one valet key. Went to the local Toyota dealer for a second master key and got the £120 plus £40 labour estimate (could not even bring myself to ask whether that was inc VAT or not!). Personally, I find it difficult to believe it should cost that much.

I bought a key off e-Bay (Denso transmitter type), plus a new blank which I got cut (total cost approx £10) and have managed to program the key so that it unlocks and locks the car remotely. However, I can't get the car to start. I have read so may version from the internet of the instructions to add a transponder key that I'm totally uncertain as to which is correct.

The instructions all seem to start with

- Insert existing master key

- Cycle ignition from off to on and back again 5 times (quickly)

- Open drivers door and shut 6 times (quickly)

The instructions then diverge into inserting the 'new' key - sometimes its left in the 'off' position , sometimes its 'on'. Sometimes you have to open the door and shut again to complete the programming process sometimes not! Sometimes the instructions mention the security light flashing when the key is being programmed, sometimes not!

I would be really grateful if someone could help me out with this and point me to the correct instruction - or tell me the correct instruction. (I realise that I could either have got the wrong key - did transponder key spec change around 2002? - or may just have a key with a dud transponder).

Thanks in advance

Paul S

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Should the transponder code on the master key not be copied over when the second key is cut????

Err - this is where I start to show the limits of my knowledge.

The key was cut by a high street key outlet (blank bought from e-Bay). I assumed the transponder is in the plastic part of the key.

I transferred across the electronic part of a second hand key also bought from e-Bay. As mentioned before, I programmed this so that it will open the car remotely.

I've assumed that the transponder is located in the same part of the key. Maybe I'm wrong?

Grateful for any help.

Paul S

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