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Notchy 6 Speed Uk Tt.


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I have a 1995 TT Supra 6 speed manual with a notchy gear change.

The oil has been changed a number of times and now has the correct (and expensive) Toyota gear oil in place.

Gear changing up through the box is slightly worse than changing down and it makes little difference wether I am changing from 1st - 2nd, 2nd - 3rd, 3rd - 4th etc.

Sometimes for no particular reason the box seems a little better than others.

The car, and I am sure the clutch, has done 10600 miles.

I am beginning to suspect that maybe the clutch is at fault or is it simply that all the 6 speed manuals are like this?

Don't get me wrong, it isn't a case of the car is undriveable, it's just a shame the gearbox isn't a little slicker.

I hope someone out there has some ideas as a new clutch could be a reasonably expensive gamble.

Thanks for reading and I would be grateful for any ideas.

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Mines only done 51k and it's the same.... well, I don't know if it's exactly the same but mines not exactly smooth!! I've driven a few and some seem worse than others but none are great. I figured it was just the way they are.... If you find any magic cures be sure to let me know!!

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This is true, toyota performance gearboxes are very clunky notchy things. But thats because of the horses that need to go through them.

Both my previous 98GT and my now 95GT4 are the same. I find that its very easy to miss a change and grind the teeth. But your find it hard to get a celica/supra box that needs dentures. :lol:

Fair enough they arent smooth and precise but they are built like a brick ****house. :lol:

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Thanks to all for the replies above. I'll sleep happier knowing I don't need to fork out another few hundred quid for a new clutch or gearbox parts!

I've looked on MKIVSupra.net as suggested above and there are numerous comments about the "notchy" gearchanges on the manual Supras.

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OK this may sound slilly but sit in your passenger seat. (across the range) and change gear, you may have to get a friend to press the clutch for you.

then you 'may' feel an inprovement, i know this is true for yaris's and new celicas, the reson for this is they are all designed to be left hand drive and dont change the units over, they just let us suffer...

Dan :thumbsup:

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