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Trd Or Tte Exhaust


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Hi there,

Has anyone got any info or pics on which is the best exhaust to get?

Seriously i want an exhaust that doesn't sound too loud or too big if u get what i mean however i want like a sporty sound which seems to be a moderate purrrrr.....not drumming when u drive on the motorway...

Any pics or reviews on HKS....TTE...TRD exhaust for YTS????

Prefarbly pics with these installed on ure cars..if u could post some pics of all ure exhaust with the makes thanks its much appreciated!!!!


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HKS is gonna be most likely like a blitz exhaust, i.e quite loud.

Unfortuantly trying to find performance exhaust that isnt loud is like trying to get rid of dandruff without shampoo. :lol:

But seriously whats wrong with a grunty pipe on the rear? Its not like your driving a Nova or a Saxo (where they need to draw attension because their cars suck), the TRD exhaust is a pretty good sound (not too loud but enough to notice).

Anyway good luck with your pipe hunting. :thumbsup:

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