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Alloys For Levin Gt-z


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:wacko: Got a question for someone in 'The Know'...

I've just bought a Levin GT-Z (AE101), and the wheels look remarkably similar to the 5 spoke MR2 wheels. Does anyone know if they're the same? The reason I ask is I'm on the lookout for some 17 or 18s for it, and if they're the same, then I can look out for a second-hand set.

Cheers guys!

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I also have a ae101 gtz(arrives tormorrow) the wheels look similar to the mr2 but are very different the gtz are 4 stud pcd 100 offset 32-38

these are a very common size vw,vauxhall,bmw also have similar size so there will loads of secondhand wheels available.

cheers hope this helps

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Old post, but I need some clarification...

What's the centre bore on a Levin GTZ? Also, can someone confirm that the standard wheels are 4x100 32-38 offset?

The reason I ask is that I've got a set of 16" wheels in my garage that came off an Mitsibushi Evo 4. As far as I can find out (please someone correct me if I'm wrong), they're 4x100 35-42 offset 56 centre bore, and I'd like to know if they'll fit. I'm gonna give them a go. but they're buried at the back and will cause manic disruption, so I'd appreciate some advice first!

Cheers! :)

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