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Toc Xmas Party 2006

Demonic Angel

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Well, I'm the 1st one back (not hard beings as I only live round the corner!) and oh what a night! ;)

Definitely less boisterous than last year, the room raids were a bit pathetic this year (no Lee humping my bed for a start!), a lot less dancing but still some good laughs - all in all more of a "grown-up" affair....

Quality night - thanks must of course go to the lovely Les for organising it this year and also to Ken, as its his Dads gaff! :thumbsup:

Good food, good company - what more could be asked for with a Christmas party.... I'm sure the incriminating evidence will surface sometime soon.... :lol:

Think I got to bed about 2.30 after being "banged" by Les, while JJ, Chris & Andy looked on.... my head hurts! :lol:

Right, I'm off to hibernate for the next 3 months - I've seen some of the photos taken and quite frankly, they're even worse than last year! :lol:

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Back home now....

Les - Top notch, ta for organising... next time you jump on Em tho, make sure there is somewhere soft for her head :P

Anne - I still think Rudy for the Dog lol :P

Em - Traditional top :thumbsup: (but I still hate you btw :P)

Ash - No you arent going to keep my top :P even tho looked good (still hate you too btw :P)

Chris - You are worse... you hid the evidence! But damn good 3some with Em lol :lol:

Matt - We all know you were right about your food now :P

Ken - Nice to see you again hon :)

Rich - Hope you enjoyed your antique shops :P

Andy - I sincerely hope you joined Chris n I in a 'toll booth getaway' :P

Steve - Legend, thanks again for xmas pressie :)

Dale - *hugs did us proud :D

Mo - 'Beer Balance' :P but hope you feeling more human now ;)

Dont think I missed anyone... oh god I hope not... but if I did Im just soooo tired.. :P off for some ZZZZ and try to put a few things to rights mebbe :P

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White chocloate mouse



Oh... just to rub it in...



White chocloate mouse


Ouch! :P

i had a great time and its been excellent value :D

the steak and mouse were gooorgoues.. and the brekkie was spot on.

Ken, thank your dad, yourself and thanks to les :D. Your dad does own a rather fine establishment.

Ladies.. nice one with the boobies on show, gave me hours of pervings

Steve thanks for the sponge :D

Thanks go to everyone else as you all crack me up :D

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Had a great night with you all and an even better one without you ;)

Our boobies were good. TOC=TITS ON CAMERA. Im so not looking forward to the piccies. <_<

Food was yummy Les, Rich and Ken had me in fits of giggles. Ken "how you doin?" Luv you to bits hon.x

Steve thanks for the scraper...really needed it this morning.

JJ Thanks for the lending of the top..Please can I have it? ^_^

Em we should could set up our own dating agency???

And to all the other peeps that were there, was good to see you all again.

HUGS for Mo and Dale and Chris.

All in all twas a top night.

I am sooooooooooooo tired ..just glad Im not the one driving us back home.

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Em we should could set up our own dating agency???

Why not hun, we could get people together and share the luurve....

Lets just hope something good comes from our mischief eh.... :lol::lol:

Gee I hope so.....get this sorted for once and for all. :yes:

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Thank you everybody for making it another great Toc Christmas party and thanks to all at Millers hotel in Sibson for the excellent service and VERY tasty food. :yes:

Apologies to Matt for putting a cross in the wrong place for his starter (Mo’s pate tasted good though didn’t it? :P )

The best part of the night for me was when the Toc table won three out of four raffle prizes. :toast:

Anyhoo here are a few pictures :thumbsup:















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Nice photos Les,

Top night out with great company :thumbsup: Thanks to Les for the organising and Ken and his dad for providing such comfortable accomodation.

Hope to see some more of the photos (Maybe on GOLD :D ) coz it was a "real good do"

When I got home it was straight back out again to do some more Christmas shopping.....................nearly finished :rolleyes:

The question I have been asking myself is................Why have I not been to the TOC Christmas Pi.......party before?? :yahoo:

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Evening all, JJ toll both getaway, Chris v loud, you loud, me well, Its and astra????? :crybaby::crybaby:

Really missed the fto, Then about 3 miles later i eventually, catch up. :thumbsup:

Astra= :censor:

last night was, really good, cheers to Les, for sorting it. and to steve great presie!, ill never be late again?

maybe not! :thumbsup:

hope you all got home ok, same again next year one hopes,


P.S I hate pictures!! and yes i look weird!

thanks all


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Rich - Hope you enjoyed your antique shops :P

Absolutely ! Saw a stunning Regency wine Cellaret. Circa 1810, of sarcophogas form in beautifully figured mahogany and with ebony line inlaid detail. A superb item, but sadly out of my £8.95 price range.

Excellent weekend. Excellent company. Thanks all !

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looks like you had a good time guys :yahoo:

sorry i couldnt be there with you all...maybe next year [ if i'm not in cornwall again ]

btw this cornish mulled wine is amazing :toast:

kimi xx

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Guest rev3turbo

Big thanks to !Removed! and nice to see Ken again,,

This is gonna sound bad but i've not really got much to say bout it all,,maybe it's for reasons that most/all of you know nothing about,,maybe it's something else.............who knows!!!.

All i can say is i'm never drinking again till Friday night!.

Think this is me signing out, Catch you all in the next one, Live life to the max people no excuses for not doing so.....everyday is THAT special day.


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Was great to catch up with you all again, good company, great food plus a few cheeky one's make's for a damn fine night in my book's :yahoo:

Right decision to set off a tad early as i got home for 12.15 :D

Back to work tonight unfortunately so i'll see you all at some point in the new year :thumbsup:

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