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98 Corolla Sec(what Can I Do)


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ok i got a 98 corolla seca CSI(australia), and it looks and sounds plain let alone goes pretty slow, what can i do to it to make it go faster, and look better, if there are any pics of a modded one i would be interesting in seeing it!

Thanks for your help

Todd :help:

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thanks mate, pretty much the same as what i had on my old car, cept im think about a rear spoiler as well, otherwise it looks a lil plain. Im thinkin about gettin a 2.25 exhoust??? any suggestions?


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whats the deal with how bigu u can go.

if ya put an exhaust on with too big a bore, an n/a engine will loose 'backpressure' which is what it relies on to stop a vacuum effect dragging the fuel air mixture through the cylinders before its burnt. and it needs this when at low revs otherwise itll stall all the time and have no torque.

putting a bigger one on aids the gases to escape quicker but a compromise has got to be made to ensure its still small enough to give enough backpressure to keep the engine sweet.

roughly 2 to 2.5'' on an n/a car is standard practice just ask other owners what they recommend to be best.

:D :D

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