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92 G-ltd Power Steering Failure Help!


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Hello all,

Can sombody help please?

I was forced to use a set of Jump leads to start my 2 today and after it started i noticed no power to the Aircon, speedo, rev counter and power steering :unsure: , everything else seems to be working, but I also noticed that the cooling fan is permenantly running.

I am hoping that it is a fuse blown ...any suggestions?



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Not sure if this will help or not but worth a go...

...on my 93 Uk GT my power steering failed and it was this same relay you mention. The black box its located in is under the bonnet on the right hand side (as you stnad in front of the car). The relay that had gone was obvious as it was scorching hot!! I hope you can find it


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Funny enough, the power steering in my MR2 sometimes switches itself off for no reason. It rarely happens, but last time it was gone for 2 days, then comes back!! Strange? I haven't done anything about it cos it hardly ever goes...

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