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who else watch'es tuneing zone on motors t.v.?

can anybody explain why it's so rubbish,i mean the cars they show are always done by professional companys who can spend as much time and money as they like on them.

the people they interveiw are usually sale's representative's who have zero personality and only care about people who can afford to spend 300 grand on engine parts alone.

and the voice over guy is so boreing and bland it's enough to put you to sleep. :cacker:

how about a tuneing show for people who live in the real world,who don't have endless pockets or professional companys to do the work for them :lol:

i mean is that to much to ask for,or am i just being over judgementill :blink:

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i don't get their fascination with those spining wheels either :wacko:

on the repeat's issue i think they only made like five episode's :lol:

if they went to events like jae and talked to real people about their cars it would be worth watching :eek:

give me clarkson and top gear anyday at least if you can't afford the cars you'll get a good laugh off the show :D

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ok i'd thought that i'd give it another chance so it was on just now from three to half past.......

it started off very good :thumbsup: ,they were at a tuneing event in france and the twenty best cars got prize's they did'nt spend too long talking about the cars though,but still it was what i asked for real people and their cars :thumbsup:

unfortunately they only spent five minuates doing this :cacker: :cacker: ,followed by twenty five minuates of american hot rods :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

absolute rubbish :angry:

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