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Which Tyres To Buy?


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as can be seen on many different threads, on many different toyota and/or mr2 forums, there is a lot of debate as to which tyre is the best.

most people seem to rate:

1. Goodyear Eagle F1's

2. Bridgestone S03's

3. Pirelli P6000 or Zero's

4. Toyo Proxes

could we have some opinions as i wanna buy some new tyres and my head is spinning with the confusion! :blink:

im going to do the usual 205/50 - 225/50/15

as with most people, superior handling in the wet is my primary concern as we know the tubby can spin! :eek:

help me (and many others) out please guys.

thx :thumbsup:

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Try here:

- www.reifentest.co (german site)

- www.tyretest.com

(same site as above, in english, partly translated)

- www.carreview.com (under product reviews/tyres)


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1. Goodyear Eagle F1s (note that GS-D3 are better than the older GS-D2, but some sizes still only come in GS-D2's)

2. SO3s and Proxes equal.

Don't know about PZeros but I've got P6000's on an impreza (car came with them) and they are squealy and crap. I had them on a cavalier sri and they were OK, but a friend also had them on a golf gti turbo (mk4) and also had the same squealling and lack of grip.

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I've only ever had my P6000's squeel under heavy cornering on track and found them tyo be superb. Tyres act differently on different cars due to the way the car is balanced and where the forces are exerted so it is a bit unfair to say they are crap because when you've used them on other cars...

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