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Wheel Arch Rubbing


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Right ok i love my Yaris ts but ive found a problem with the suspension. Hopefully someone else will have experienced this as well otherwise theres something wrong with me front struts.

When i was coming home last week i decided to give the car a wee boot :ph34r: , now upon tearing into the corner which was a long hairpin i had my windows down as it was roasting when i heard a rubbing noise i thought i was just hearing things until i decided to tear into another corner just to see if i was imagining things but then again i was getting rubbing to the offside this time.

Is the ts suspension pretty soft coz its pretty hairy hearing the noise :eek: .

Lowering should stop body roll i hope but this was something that i thought i should share

any others experiencing similar let me know cheers :D

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it might be the plastic at the front rubing..

the bumper protecter thing..

Sounds about right, especially if your setup is standard (e.g. Standard suspension and alloys)


Takes a LOT to make a standard sus/wheel setup to rub usually.

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