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Disk Brake Dimensions?

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:help: hi,

does anybody know the diameter and thickness of the standard front disks for a 96 paseo? only i bought a set of disks from ebc, and they are measuring a diameter of 138mm and thickness of 18mm. The pads that i got are over hanging the disk by about 10mm! any1?

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Try looking here DBA and download the PDF file. It contains info about brakes for almost every car you can think of. I'm sure I read in one of the Japanese car magazines recently that there is now a UK distributor.

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The 96 Paseo 1.5 has 2 different size disc's available.




Both are vented. You'll need to measure the old disc's to see what diameter you need. I suspect you've been given the 238mm diameter ones instead of the 254mm diameter and the pads are overhanging the smaller 238 mm disc.

I had a similar problem with my GT Starlet a month or 2 back. Got the right size disc's now.

Hope this helps


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