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Alloy Wheel Advice Please!


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Found a chap who's selling a set of 17" Technomagnesio 5 Spoke Wheels for the Supra.

Rear tyres are practically new, fronts have about 4mm tread. They also clear UK front brakes.

The chap says one of them is damaged. I asked him how, and he said it leaks air through the rim wall... or that's what he's been told.

I've asked him if it's cracked/buckled etc.

My question is... could it be repaired?? buy such a place as an alloy refurb/repair centre??

Here's the wheels in questions.....



think they would look nice all polished up!

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Buckled wheels CAN be straightened out by an engineering shop such as Magma Engineering... a cracked wheel can also be repaired... but, i personally wouldn't put a cracked wheel thats been welded on my car. Buckled wheels that have been straightened generally may loose a little strenght.

As far as a repair goes, it would be better to take it along to an Engineering shop and let them advise you of the pro's and cons.

If the wheel is just leaking at the seal.. then it will probably be down to oxidisation (sp).. (corrosion).. this is easy enough to sort out.. a wire brush around the part of the wheel the tyre sits on, then a bit of rim seal does the job 90% of the time, but if it is bad with corrosion, then it's better to get it blasted and powder coated.

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Very nice.

I'd be a little careful though mate. Why's he selling them?

Magnesium wheels are designed for track use and get changed frequently. They're very light as they're magnesium, but do not have the strength of heavier alloy. They are not designed for the crappy state of our highway roads. Magnesium wheels cannot be repaired as easily as normal alloy wheels.

They do look lovely though. Hope you get a positive response and don't get burnt.


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It depends entirely how damaged they are....

I like the style though, Nicea and clean...

I'd think twice about polishing though... - polished wheels soon go off here in the uk!

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