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I'm A Broken Man..


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Some boyracer gimp in a modded 5 door escort rear ended my sweet MR2 today as I was in traffic.

The force felt really bad.. got out and it wasnt as bad as I thought.. the n/s corner of the rear bumper was pushed in.. I managed to pull it out again but it is very marked and torn in places. It seems that only the bumper was damaged.

I'm just gutted because I feel my baby is now spoilt just only weeks after getting her looking mint.

I want to thank everyone at Toyota for making the rear from plastic filled with foam inserts, it seemed to cusion the blow... if it was my Cav or my old mini.. the car would have been a write-off. You should have seen the Escort.. needs new lamp, bumper, bonnet and there was liquid leaking from the front.

I was gutted for ages but it could have been worse.. lives could have been lost.

My baby will be back in mint form soon.

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gutted to hear that mate!!!!!!!!!

My red supra was rear ended a bit back.. some guy hit in in an espace... his entire shatterd up the the A pillar (fibreglass bodywork!) I had a mark on my rear bumper!!!!

makes sure its checked out properly yjo.. the bumpers and foam are springy and you often find there is a lot of damaged metalwork behind the buper.. I suggest you take the rear light acess covers off and have a swift looksee...

thought my soop was fine but when I took the spare wheel out the rear well was buckled :o even tho the car looked fine........

hope its all ok :thumbsup:

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Hi JappyBeast

Sorry to here about that mate. Some people are really crap at driving mate. I'm just wondering when my luck will run out as well.

Hope the repair job goes fine :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the reply guys,

Like the other thread says.. cars mean different things to people... I have wanted an MR2 for 5 years, its my pride and joy and it feels like its pulled from under me in a split second. The other guy in the Escort didnt seem that bothered.. I was gutted.

Hope I dont seem to be over reacting.. My car is my interest.

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Sorry to here it mate :(

If it were me I would be just as gutted as I feel the same about my '2.

I don't know if I would be able to restrain myself if some :censor: drove into me. All I can say is if he thought his pride was dented - wait till I was done with him :boxing:

All the best with getting it sorted and I hope it's not off the road for too long.

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bad buzz bud :cacker:

got rear ended myself on new years eve a great way to start the year,i was stoped about to back into a parking space (parallel) when i looked in my mirror to see the women in a focus comeing up behind me talking and looking at her passanger.just had to hold on for impact. :wacko:

3600 euros later and it was as good as new,so once you get it back you'll be like a kid with a new toy,so i hope it has a speedy recovery :thumbsup:

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Sorry to hear that, What a headache mate. I've been there. I've been rear-ended twice while stationary and both times the drivers were like "oh, no big deal........"

By the time my insurers had finished with them they Would have been thinking a lot differently........

Chin up mate. You and the MR2 will be 100% soon.

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