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Levin Seats

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Hi guys recently bought levin recaro seats, they are on there way, just wondering does any one know if they will bolt straight into a corolla e11 or will some moddin need to be done??

cheers :thumbsup:

Afraid not, the seat rails will be different. You will need a drill, lots of patience and a couple of nuts and bolts, or alternatively source some seat rails for your Corolla.

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if your lucky you might be able to take the levin rails of and fit the ones from your old e11 seats, or if not then they could probably be welded

have you got any pics of the seats, are they like the one in the ford cossies

Now that you mention it, getting the new seats welded is probably the quickest and easiest method to do it, on the downside you'll probably have to pay someone to do it for you. I'm guessing it's these seats.


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ya thats them!!

ya welding them sounds easiest, then they can just be bolted in.

i would have to dismantle the org seats a bit i guess!!

thanks :thumbsup:

deal fell through for seats! guy changed his mind!!!

any one wanna sell a set of those seats!! dont mind the condition will be recovered!! :thumbsup:

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Out of interest, i think i know the person you were buying the seats from, if its from a crashed levin near Galway - they did need some work cause the mould had set in.

Also - they probably wouldn't work so well in an ae111 hatchback as they are very low, intended for the coupe and not the hatchback which is a much higher seating position.

These recaro's are very rare for the Levin/Trueno!

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ya i got them seats after all and they bolted straight in!!

yes they are about 10 mm lower than standard seats but will deal with that with spacers soon enough!

they could be ya the car was written off near athenry.

my friend owned the car, he sold it on the friday and the guy crashed it on the monday i think.

seats aren't that bad got them cleaned professionally and they look good now.

is it the same car you know???

it was a very fast bzg- it took type r civic's and sir's!! :thumbsup:

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Hey, Yeah this is an ae111 were talking about.

As far as i know, the car i had a load of stuff from was from a guy who had the car a while, not exactly how long, but very close to Athenry, and it had a real bad front accident, whole front drivers side destroyed, rippled the whole of the front of the car, drivers side door wudn't open!

Good for you that they fitted! real rarity those seats, but, of course the back seat was no good to you? In this car the back one was screwed anyway, had been ripped at the top.


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ya thats the one!

the sun destroyed top of the back seat.

just out of couristy how much would you have paid for front seats???

did you say you have the car now??? or how do you know it? :thumbsup:

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Like i say, i went to Ireland in Novemeber just to get a load of stuff for my Trueno.

He has said to me he wanted 200 euros for the seats, at that price i wasn't interested as they had began to see weather and the back one was a goner.

If they had been in good condition, and door cars were available, i reckon i probs would of gone 200 euros, but in the condition i saw - where they needed a clean - i reckon just for the front 2 i would have parted 100 euro maybe, but saying that i'm a bit cautious with my money!

I hope you got a good deal, but as long as your happy with em thats all that matters...


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