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hi everyone, just thought i would say hi as i have been away for 6 weeks or so. i have missed reading the posts over the last few weeks. if you may remember back i had an a appendicitse oct time. well the operation wasnt healing so went back to the docs who in turn sent me to hospital.

well what a life changing shock me and the wife have had. i was diagnosed with cancer 4 weeks ago now an have already had two sets of kimo(not shore if that is how you spell it) but i am now glad to be back home and on the mend as it is a cureable one, so i will probley be on here most days now as i cant go back to work yet. one thing it has changed is that i will not be holding of on things i want to do. so will hopefully get to meet more of you as i plan to do more meets and do the car up abit more also started doing the wifes Aygo.

dont know how long it will be before i can drive again as the wound on my tummy restricts me at the moment.

sorry if its abit jumbled

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Hiya mate :D

Chemos crap aint it :crybaby: i had 7 months of it so i know what you are going through :yes:

i'm sorry you had to join my club but being told you have the big" C" puts your life into order dont it ;)

No one ever thinks they will be told that.

People tend to get on my nerves now a days when they are arguing or maoning about trivial things,

i guess it made me realise the really important things in life.

i now plan for tomorrow but live for today

I look forward to seeing you around at the shows and events this year,

and as i'm still off work i'll also be around to chat during the day. :meet:

kimi xx

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thanks peeps

think i am having a bad day today, feel abit sick and its my first day discharged from hospital. at the moment i get upset over the smallest of things. an also the amount of weight i have lost. but don't seem to have much of an appetite and the tablets i am on i take 15 with my breakfast at the moment.

got any tips kimi

also i have had long hair always so that gets me down to, but i now it will grow back.

i suppose its just getting into a routine


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Maybe you should speak to the doctors about the antiemetics your on for the nausea and get them reviewed. The antiemetics should stop the nausea but the ones prescribed might not be the ones that work best for you as it depends how you react personally to the drug.


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Really sorry to hear that, at least you're getting treatment for it though & I'm sure you'll be fine soon. Take care of yourself & keep us up to date about how you're getting on. Good luck with the rest of the recovery

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Get well buddy hope that your recovery goes well. I'm sure kimi will be giving you good advise. And just remember always keep your chin up mate when things get hard :thumbsup:


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