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Toyota Join Nascar


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Everything about the cars is tightly regulated, exactly what you're allowed to do with the engine (hence the pushrod motor) and various things regulating the shape of the car. They're not all the same though and different manufacturers do gain the upper hand at times :)

'There's nothing stock about a stock car' ;)

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You gotta love NASCAR.

People say it is low tech, but look at that rear end shot. The body is twisted – deliberately – to exploit what little aerodynamic advantage they can within the rules and no doubt none of the four wheels will be pointing in exactly the same direction so it handles well on the left-handers.

An ex-Cosworth colleague of mine who designed the V8 that took Schumacher to his first World championship now works for a NASCAR team. Low tech? Don’t you believe it.

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NASCAR fans aren't that upset. I should know...I live here ;) Apart from a few hillbilly goobers/old guys who don't like change like Bragwell, most people seem excited about the changes.

I can't wait to see it. NASCAR has been dying for more competition for ages. If this brings more competitors, lets 'git r done' so to speak.

This car of the future stuff is really lame though...if you ask me, they should have to go back to production body templates. I can't tell the cars apart anymore. When I was a kid I could. The Aussie V8s and WRC cars and GT cars and about every other closed-body racing series runs silhouette shells (or close to them). NASCAR should too.

I'd LOVE for NASCAR to run a few more road courses. Their runs at the Glen and Sears Point have provided some of the most exciting road-racing I've ever seen. They sound great too, revving up and down with those bellowing old-school V8s.

I hope Toyota's success in NASCAR is greater than their F1 exploits :o

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