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So, is there gonna b an 'Anglian meet' some time?? :yes:

Will you try to get to the Milton Keynes meet Vicky?

Yeah, deffinately. Sunday 18th is a great date for me, not doing anything else, plus it'll get me out of norfolk!!

Never been to milton keynes, and i've never done anything like this before!


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Hi is there a milton keynes meet on 18th? never been to a TOC meet so that makes 3 of us but really want to get to one.


See this topic in Yaris forums for details

Poll: Yaris Meet Poll ..................................looks like it could happen

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hi new here is there many meets around this area

Nope, not that i know of . . .

the nest toyota meet is february 18th (as talked about above). it'll be held in milton keynes


Where and wen in mk is this meet i am new to TOC with a 2ltr twin turbo supra and would love to attend as i live in MK.

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It is not always the cars that make the meets good........................It is the people :group-cuddles:

TOC/ LOC often have meets at Santa Pod, but the meet "season" has virtually finished this year. (The Jap Show Finale was the last at the Pod)

Keep checking back on the forums though as there may be occasional small meets set up :thumbsup:

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