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I have a year 2000 MR-S and have recently fitted an HKS sports inlet manifold kit to it. it was quite straight forward.

It goes a bit faster and adds some noise from 4000 revs upwards!

You can get quite a few other bits such as exhausts, etc. Look in Fast car mag. and try your local accessory shop, they will normally contact suppliers for you. has anyone replaced the exhaust on their car?

I have also fitted a chrome boot rack to it, imported from Holland. This is the goods!

The car already had a sports body kit fitted.

I drove the car for 6 months before discovering that the tyre pressures were about 3 lb low all round (the importers were supposed to have serviced it! Whoops we forgot!)

Anyway now they are back up it holds the road a bit better (thak God). What are the correct pressures anyway?

The speedo reads 6000 miles more than it should (don't ask), any help for me to get it right?

The car is the best thing since sliced bread and I enjoy it so much!



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I dont own a MK3 but My Fiancee owns me thats for sure. lol

But if i was ever to buy a Mk3 it would have to be one of these beauts B)

oh and the copper one is a turbo :thumbsup:



I'd have the bronze. re-spray white, put a carbon spoiler jobby on the rear and then i'm laughing B)

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The white and copper MR2's in those pics look like the type of pictures they take in Japan just before it goes to the auction. :yes:

Like to know how much the white one went for... :thumbsup:

yeah they have both been sold, soon as they touched our shores apprently.

bit of a bugger getting a SVA for them. lol

DVLA: "Modifications:"

Dealer: "erm the whole car!!!!" :help: lol

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