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Carina E Alarm Help


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hi all got a question for ya last night my alarm was going of and on continuisly with gaps of maybe 3 to 5 seconds even when i was driving it

it was locking and unlocking ok with the key fob i ended up having to disconnect my Battery lead you can imagine all my neighbours lol it happened on my 1.8 cdx not the gti i dont use my 1.8 a lot these days but decided to take it for a spin and drove all day in it and night without any problems can anyone shed some light on this for me any help would be much appreciated

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As far as I understand you have a problem with your alarm.

Some years ago, my father had kind of the same problem with the Carina. The car even refuse to start. It woke up the hole neighbourhood. Finally, my father cut the wires from the central unit of the alarm. It was an aftermarket, like any other maybe. I don't know what happended after, my father got the car to the alarm fitters and they sort it out (only this problem, because were so many others).

When my mother took the car, 2 years ago, she get it to another alarm service, to fit a new alarm (the old one was discharcing the Battery all the time, was going wrong many times), the people from there worked 3 hours to take the old one out! The conclusion was simple: the alarm was wrong mounted, with many wires there, many that have no purpose. So the new one was a more simple one, and they put it in 20 minutes, and since than we had no more problems with the alarm.

So get to a service (not the same that fitted the alarm, one recommanded by a friend better) and see if they can sort out your problem.

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Hi, What type of remote fob do you have? If its all black and pear shaped with two buttons one above the other its tvss. If so probable cause is the siren itself mounted under the o/s/f headlamp accessed via the forward wing liner. These sirens suffer water ingress and sound when wet ie driven in rain etc

Modified sirens availiable from Mr T.

If you have a Rectangular Fob with a red panic button System 5000 your on your own pal. I dont think the manufactuers fully understood the system!


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TRY THIS................................

 Disconnect Negative Battery terminal leaving positive connected.

(Make sure drivers window is down as car may lock)

 Put key in ignition and turn on, Leave on.

 Reconnect Battery terminal.

 Switch off ignition and remove key.

 Press black button and hold for ten seconds.

 Alarm should work.

Good Luck.

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