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Saw New Auris Today


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Dealer had some delivered, all not registered apart from 1 demo on loan plastered with advertising stickers.

Looked v.nice it was a t-spirit 2.0 diesel and look more shapely and dynamic than photos suggest. Suprisingly it had a rear spoiler which looked just like / or is infact the TTE rear spoiler on the corolla; i very much doubt this is standard on the tspirit though.

I must say looking back at the photographs, from a front side profile it looks a bit like a 307 but thats just me. All in all, more chunky, more dynamic and more shapely, interior was v.nice from what i saw. I suggest if your interested in the auris have a trip to your local dealer and see if they have any in.

Test drive at the weekend :)

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We have had 5 delivered yesterday (2 silver,3carbon). Not really had chance to have a good look over them all properly.

I have PDI'd a TR, didnt fancy the alloys on it much. The handbrake position takes some getting used to.....the front lip spoiler is a real !Removed! to fit too!! lol

The cream/light interior they offer is awful....looks so cheap and tacky i feel. I think it will become dirty very quickly if not supaguarded!

Plenty of room for the rear passengers, but not much room to work around the engine and front subframe looks a pain for quick gearbox removal/clutch changes lol.


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Saw my first Auris on the road today. Was down in Ashford picking up a Remux back box for my rolla and one drove past me as I was waiting to pull out on the main road.

The front looked noce but the rest was pretty bland. It definitely has promise though so I'm looking forward to seeing the T180 styling and some with body kits fitted too.

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T180 looks very similar to all other auris unfortunatley.

The wheels are very nice though and with a sports TTE roof spoiler and privacy glass it would round it off. I agree the front does look better than the corolla its not as nice as the audi, the side profile is normal i would say but the rear is rather bland i think. Shame really, the car wouldn't win any awards for styling but i think of it like this. The focus are very ordinary looking cars, the golf's are nice looking, the audis similar but in the grand scheme of things, looking at pugs and astra's its very swings and roundabouts. I think the civic thats hailed for its design could be short lived, it could go out of date quite quickly. Toyotas, very simply are just good cars to own, good resale values, very reliable and good quality build and performance all round.

I'm hoping to get a t180, its that fact that it has a diesel engine that produces crazy amounts of power that appeals to me. Its not an a3 s-line 2.0TDI but it could beat one. Quick cars in deguise appeal to me :D

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