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Avensis 1.8vvt-i Read It And Weep


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hi i'll keep it breif.

nearly three years old with 107,000 miles on the clock, had it since new.

clutch replaced after gear selection problems, (warranty).

engine replaced after oil feed fault, (warranty).

vvti controller replaced after excessive valve noise,(at cost)

wheel bearing replaced, (at cost)

gearbox rebuilt, (at cost £1400)

Gearbox rebuilt, (warranty)

Drive shafts replaced, (at cost £1100)

Car in for third gearbox rebuild, (have been told will have to pay)

all gearbox and drive shafts issues have occured within the last 10 months.

What do you people think?

is there anyone at toyota uk plc to speak to?

the corparate side of toyota uk seem to be virtually invisible. :(

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Really sorry to hear of all your woes, you've had a terrible run.

Take the time to carefully read this forum you are not alone.. there are many others abandoned by Toyota here, but media and press involvement is the answer.

I'm interested in the vvti "controller"...what is it??..how much did it cost you ??...did it fix the tappety noise?? there are many noisy vvti Corollas here too..

Good luck Andy you're amongst friends here....

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hi ganyb, the vvt-i controller is a bit misleading. Its not the brains, but the small servo/cam mechanism that is responsible for opening up the valves "wider" in order to allow more fuel in and gas out when you give the car a bit of a thrape. I think it advances the cam lobes on the camshaft to achieve this.

In the lead up to diagnosing the fault toyota said that no damage would occur from the faulty unit as it only appeared to be noisey at tickover, In fact I covered about 10k miles in this condition.

the ex-vat cost was £83.00. the labour i cant split out because its lumped together with gearbox rebuild no 1.

Hope this helps.

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