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I'm about to carry out an oil change on a '99 Avensis 1.8 7A-FE engine. Is Castrol GTX 10w or 15w-40 or10w-30 ok to use or should I be using the more expensive Magnatec semi synthetic or synthetic?

I'm really looking for good advice on what any members have used successfully in their own cars with a similar engine.

Thank You

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I run a car with the same 7A-FE engine.

I used to use SJ or SL 10W40 or 5W30 semi-synthetic. Comma Eurolite or Xtech.

However, since I run my car on LPG, I am in the process of testing fully synthetic Syner-G which is SL 5W40.

I think 10W40 or 5W30 is best suited for this engine. Semi or fully depends on how you drive but if you don't drive hard, Semi or even standard one will do OK. By the way, I replace the oil every 6000 miles.

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The owners manual recommends 5w30. That's based on fuel economy. However, this can be a little thin therefore the oil pressure will be a little low on older engines. 10w40 is a good compromise on this engine. Avoid multigrade sort of stuff like 15w50 etc.

Basically, it'll run on anything!


Just keep changing it regular, thats the most important thing! ;)

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