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Hey all first time on this forum(for obvious reasons),just purchased a '02 Camry LE and I've been wanting to change the Headunit.Currently I have the plain ole cd/cassette combo(not the JBLsetup),kind of depressing to look at,so my question is,how to remove the trim panel(plastic,NOT simulated wood) surrounding the OEM radio ,any help will be appreciated,Thanx!

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No mate he was having a joke with you - I'm guessing you are American - hence taking offence at his comment due to your complete lack of understanding for humour, sarcasm in perticular.

It's a very good forum in answer to your question, just no-one has had time to reply just yet - which doesnt surprise me as we have been very quiet since late last week.



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Here we go,, I drive a 01 Corolla, since a camry is just a oversized corolla this should work,, i took a small screwdriver, wrapped with a cloth or somtin as to not scratch the trim, this would make you sick to look at, anyway take the screwdriver and pry the edge of the trim up it should just pop up then you can pull it out,, good luck

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