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Misty Headlight Lens

Roy f

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One of the headlight lenses on my MRS gets condensation inside it. It dosn't seem to be a problem, but it looks a bit :censor:

One of my mates sugested that if I drill a small hole somewhere underneath where it won't be noticed it will allow it to dry out.

Has anyone had this trouble, and has anyone solved it?

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I have this problem with my offside indicator lense. I've tried to dry it out with a hairdryer & sealed it up with instant gasket but the problem isn't cured.

I'm trying to source a replacement but it would be easier to find rocking horse :censor: !

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Yeah it must be a bad seal.

I just thought if i drilled it from the back of the light where no water can get in, the air might ventilate it and keep it dry.

I might give it ago and see what happens, it can't get much worse (famous last words)!

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Headlight misting is a common problem with the ZZW30, many owners have reported it, and those who are lucky enough to have a warranty simply have Toyota replace it free of charge. If you dont have a waranty, then keep an eye out on eBay, as they seem to pop up now and again as people upgrade their lights to the 2003 model projector units.

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