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Bypass Filter On Previa

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I have a bit over 100,000 km on my Previa. I have switched to synthetic oil and am considering an oil bypass filter. With the bypass filter in place I would perform regular oil analysis and change the oil only when needed, perhaps up to 40,000 km.

Has anyone else done this on a Previa? Were you happy with the results? Where did you mount the bypass filter? I have the supercharged engine and all wheel drive, so space is very tight.

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For any of you who are wondering what a bypass oil filter is and why I would want one, here are a couple of manufacturer's explanations:

Although synthetic oil is superior and long lasting, it still gets dirty and contaminated and thus needs to be changed long before the oil itself is "worn out" (additives depleted). A full flow oil filter is not designed to remove small particles and contaminates that are still large enough to cause significant engine wear. A bypass oil filter will remove these small particles down the the point where the ultra-fine particles remaining are much smaller that the thickness of oil film between moving parts, so they cause no wear. Think of golf balls in 300mm of water, and you'll have the idea.

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