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You Have All Been Invited

Miss T Sport

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Miss T Sport (miss_tsport@yahoo.co.uk)

has invited you to play in their Official Fantasy Premier League private

league called Fast N Furious Footy

If you aren’t already playing the game then you can register at Premier League

It is simple and completely free of charge. You manage your own fantasy team selected from the players in the Premier League.

Once your team is entered, click on the ‘My Leagues’ which you can find on the right hand side of ‘My Team’ or in ‘Quick links’ and enter the code TheresaC@opl_109808 to join Fast N Furious Footy.

Alternatively, just login to your team and then click on the URL below:

Click Here

Enjoy the game,

Fantasy Premier League Team.

I have opened this up to other car forums so it would be good to get everyone together for a "friendly" game of football.

I will post up results reguarly so we can see how well everyone is doing.

If you have any problems with this, let me know

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The code you have given comes up as invalid but i managed to join through that link though :D

Henry and Owen up front Hmmm :drool:

Is there any way to see what the other teams players are?

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you can see the other teams but only after the gameweek has started , u click on My League and view all the other temas, click on the teams name and it will show you.

Because the game has not started and points have not been added you cant view.

I played last year with my team and being a complete muppet to footie i viewed the better teams to get an idea of who i should have on my team.

I have Henry and Van Nistelroy as my front

Dont forget to pick a captin that will get you the most points - as default, your goalie is captin until u change it

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:lol: i actually have a bet on with the other players that i come last!!

Oh well once u can view everyone else will give u an idea on who to transfer.

1 Transfer per week is free, additional will cost u points, but if you get a high scoring team that will work out best for the long run.

Remember it goes for the length of the footy season

Sorted - i reckon u have the same captin as me ;)

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I opened the league up to 3 different forums:

Sussex Carz

Girl Racer

Team Toyota

Only SMCC and TT responded. Each month i will post up details of Manger of the month - person with most points and forum of the month, combined points from members from that forum.

As i am a member of both, i will split my points evenly.

How it stands:

Team, Manager, B/Name, Forum

Vitz Rs, Theresa C, Miss T Sport, smcc/tt

B/ton Reject, Adam P, ZeeMax Mini Man, smcc

Riz Rovers, Stephen G, Rizlam, smcc

Fantasy AFC, Gary F, gfreemantle, smcc

Kennys Kom., Ken S, Sorted Avensis, tt

TOC, Ryan H, rhaines, tt

Birleys Boys, Chris B, n/a, tt

Mellow Yellow Jag H mellow yellow tt

It is 4 teams per forum but because of my split TT have the advantage.

Remember you can still sign up. If you wish to do so let me know and I will let you know how to go about it

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U will be able to see them after the 16th when the premiership kicks off.

Until the first lot of points have been won, you cant see the other teams.

Wait till after the w/e to see them Or are u meaning that u have not added ur team to the league??

yeah what i meant was that i couldnt, for exapmle, see what team Rhaines has picked.... but you say all will be unveiled after the 16th... ace!

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** Chris B and Lee W, what are ur board names, when i post the regular updates i will use them to ppl will know who i am talking about, + it keeps ur real names private if you dont want too many ppl knowing that **

Thanks for joining up, so be good for a giggle, roll on Saturday :P

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