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Parking Sensors


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right i want some parking sensors put on me cts but as all cts owner will know when select reverse gear there is a warning sound already

anyone here had parking sensors fitted by toyota dealer do you have two warning sounds one for the reverse gear another for the parking sensors or do they disable the reverse gear sound i ask my toyota dealer was told they never had a tsport fitted with one yet another word they are useless and dont know :P

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perhaps the CTS is only for driving forward 

if no one here have a parking sensors fitted to their cts then i will be the first person ever in the world to have one fitted in a cts wow!!! i gonna made history :P :D

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I have had them fitted they work ok just a bit hard to hear them over the reverse warning beeper (!Removed! thing toyota could have just had them beep for a few seconds instead of the constant beep) the tones are different so you should be ok.

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Hi, I have the Rear parking sensors fitted, I find them usefull.

However don't rely on them totally, like i did. They are not totally full proof as my neighbours car has the dent to prove it.

I believe that the sensors need to be lower down in the rear bumper as they don't always give a true distance reading.

Also the buzzer is not very loud and cannot always be heard.

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Sorry about that, I missed this post some how.

You probably have had them fitted by now.

I've still got the reverse bleep (annoying) and the progressive bleep from the rear warnings.

I have however relocated the warning buzzer to under the parcel shelf side panels so i can hear it.

But I don't rely on them. If in doubt get out

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