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My 4door Ke30


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:help: i just bought a 1978 corolla 4door ke30 for $400. right now its a bucket and losing compression in one of the cylinders. i bought it for my transportation to work and back ... but im tired of gettin' bagged on cuz of how slow or how ghetto my ride is ...can somebody help me find front spoilers and other japanese mods for my car?! :help:
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Man you got heaps of choises, bolt in a 4K 1300cc or 5K 1500cc, or if your lucky a 7K EFI 1800cc from Hi Ace van. There up to 80hp or so . There all easy swaps. If your more adventuras put in a 2T, 2TG, 3T (up to 120hp) or 3TGTE (180hp)using Levin crossmember etc or even cut off the engine mounts and weld in new ones to put in a 4AGE (to 134hp) / 4AGZE (145hp - 200hp) or even 3SGE/3SGTE (over 200hp).

As for suspension, chuck in corolla wagon rear springs, nice shocks, lowering blocks and some cut down Ford Falcon springs in the front (falcon is 1400-1500kg) then it will handle!!

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