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If you wanted to build a full Glanza V replica, you'd probably be better off simply buying a Glanza V.

However, you could buy from a wreckers yard the necessary mechanical components - engine, turbo, fuel system (fuel pump as well), ECU, exhaust, bonnet and convert. You could also use the rear axle which will have discs (not sure if the base EP91 had discs or drums)

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base ep91 has drums,but you can get the discs off either an ep91 turbo,or a gt turbo starlet,it's not to hard to transfer them apperantly :blink:

but like toyotasera.co.uk said just buy a glanza v,the 98 model has a slightly differant bodykit on it so get one of them if you can :thumbsup:

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I'd say the same as the others mate i'm in the uk and i had the starlet sr it's the so called :rolleyes: sporty version of the starlet over here. It was good for a N/A 1.3 but when i looked at changing it i found it much cheaper to buy a Glanza than convert mine.

Simon :)

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