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Camry 1990 Abs Sensors - Wanted

Nigel Cox

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I need an ABS wheel sensor for the RH Front of my Camry. It is a 1990 V6, VZV21, but I believe these to be the same on all the 88-91 Camrys with ABS fitted. (2.0 SV21 and 2.5 V6 VZV21)

The sensor is the same both sides, but the wiring has several brackets attached which are handed, so the RH one is best.

The LH rear has also been condemned, but I think it is ok. Although if one is available I'll take that too.

Once disconnected, an ohm meter gives a reading of about 1400 ohms on the known good ones on my car, so this should be a good test.

If still n the car, the connector is above the wheelarch liner under the wing.

These can be very difficult to remove. I will take the whole hub assembly if necessary, (at the appropriate cost), rather than risk breaking the sensor.

Please email me if you can help.

nigel_cox@unipart.co.uk or


Will pay any reasonable price.

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