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Paseo Exhaust

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Nope, there isn't anything you can get straight off the shelf, believe me I've called every company under the sun & no-one makes one! <_< (Except Remus but that one's something like £230!!! :o )

The only other option I could suggest would be a Rage universal box, but the way the Paseo back-box sits up so high & the tail pipe comes out much lower below the bumper it makes any of those Jap style boxes near impossible to fit.

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Yep I bought a Rage back box, and have had nothing but problems with it, becuase, as you said, of the way that the back box fits on the car,

I am not to bothered about the sound it will make but because of the design of the Paseo you can see a lot of the back box, as it is so &#33;Removed&#33; big, if I could get it to be stainless steal it would be awersome, looks like I may have to save my pennies and go to Long life or Power Flow in Cardiff :crybaby:

Thanks for the help 97Paseo

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imho i dont think powerflow are all that good of an exhaust manufacturer... locally atleast, they have been given such bad feedback.... the quality of fitting is not that great.

if you want a stainless system, Custom Chromes in the midlands can sort one out for you for around the £250-£300 mark. mines from there, and im well impressed.

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i used to haver a rage and to be honest i found it to be sub-standard just started falling apart i replaced it with a tiger system i have 2 twin exit -twin silencer slash cut for £90 each. and can get them fitted for around £35 from evolution in essex (01268695400)

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I suppose a Sera one may fit a Paseo, but I've never tried....

I've had Sera exhausts made in stainless steel - bit louder than original and a bit more sporty - but interchangable with the standard bits, so no-one needs to fork out mega-bucks for the complete system at once, as its usually the joint between centre and rear sections that goes.


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