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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Driveshaft?


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The ongoing saga of the st202 mystery sound from passenger side wheel.

The noise gets louder. The garage finds nothing. ......

Spent the whole day in the garage again today. Not the wheel, not the brakes, not the bearing. Bloke in garage tells me, 'don't know mate - do you want me to book it in for another day and strip off the driveshaft? I don't know if that's what it is but I'll order a new one and fit it'

He already tried to charge me £60 for a wheelbearing. I just bought one for a tenner. So i told him to shove it. God knows how much he'll charge for a driveshaft and all the seals etc.

He says he ain't got a clue what it is but 'I wouldn't drive it if I were you'

The sound is so loud now people are looking round in the street!!

What the fiddly foodle bird is it?

Could this actually be the driveshaft? How can I tell if there is play? The bloke in the garage is as thick as a cowpat.

2 Garages, same story.


I am going mad.

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Sounds similar to my problem. I went to see a guy who specialises in imported Toyotas and he said that I needed to get my driveshaft rebalanced. He quoted me £160 to remove it, send it off to get rebalanced and then fit it again. Sadly I'm too skint to do anything about it at the moment.

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I just managed to get one of a scrapper for £65 and I just got a new wheel bearing for a tenner.

Hope it's in good nick when it arrives. The CV is knackered on mine and it's easier to do a straight swap. I will keep the old one as a spare to recon at my leisure.

I have no car at the mo and live out in the sticks with no public transport. I am considering borrowing my friends pony to get to the shops. (not joking, nearest supermarket 7 miles away).

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Who knows,

The mechanic said there is play in the drive that side. He hasn't specifically checked the CV (God knows why? time I suppose) but he says it's more than likely. He said he took it for a drive and he could hear the knocking but it doesn't sound typical of CV. What he suggested is replace the drive shaft, quicker to swop out, so its gets a couple of potentials out the way. We are doing the wheel bearing at the same time. I am hoping I have the right one! I am buying in parts blind, no part numbers.If that don't work we will look further.

I can't see it as a suspension/wishbone etc problem, like a bush or something. Someone did mention gearbox/engine mountings but I am not convinced that would make a cyclical grinding/squeeling sound with wheel rotation.

If you get the car on the ramps and drive the wheels nothing is noticeable, but that isn't with the suspension under load, which I understand will affect any knackered joint noise.

Despite the perculiar symptoms, I have had a gut feeling for 2 months about it being a shaft problem. I am not a mechanic by any stretch but I seem a lot better at getting to a diagnosis than a lot of the garages I've been to.

It's so hard getting a mechanic to even listen to my suggestions, most of them think I should be at home cooking the dinner.

I just hope this driveshaft swop works out. I might even send the old one off to be reconditioned and get it fitted back on. Who knows how long the joints on the scrapper one will last.

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