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Xracing Bodykit

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there is supposed to be a body kit for the 2nd gen paseo comming out from xracing, based on the blitz style. wot does this look like and when will it be availabe and at wot sort of cost? also who would be able to import then to the uk?

thanx :!Removed!:

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I had a PM from Jackie at X-Racing a while ago, as far as I'm aware it will resemble the Max Power featured Paseo from Malta, if it does & its a good price I'm sure we'll all be ordering it!!

Hopefully they'll be an update soon! :thumbsup:

X-Racing stuff tends to be quite a decent price I think & it is possible to ship it over here, hence Oli's purple kitted creation!

Could look like this:


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Hi people! i'm Paolo & i write you from Italy!

I'm sorry for my english that isn't very well.

I've one Paseo 1.5 of 1996 & i want some help for bodykit.

I've seen jack Chang's bodykit & i like so much this but for Paseo '96 jack tell me some time ago that i must buy 2nd gen but I like first somebody have this bodykit???

Help italian tuner

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Yeah, great car (you ****** 56k bandit). :D

First off Welcome to TOC PaoloPaseo. :thumbsup:

Second (and I could be wrong here) but I'm pretty Sure Andrew at toyotasera.co.uk deals with Xracing stuff over here. On the Sera site there are Xracing bodykits!


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