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My Car Has Died. Boo Hoo.


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The squeely grindy sound finally went bang today.

Driving back home very carefully and bang! Knock, knock, knock, knock, with every revolution of the wheel.

Coasted to nearest garage and left the car there. Cannot drive it now. I am gutted.

I am totally pizzed off with the mechanic who sent it home yesterday, saying he couldn't find anything wrong.

I am hoping the bearing the gearbox end of the driveshaft hasn't gone, but I have a nasty feeling it is. The garage I left it with said, if it is that it will be cheaper to get a new gearbox. Not easy to afford when you are out of work.

Strange thing is there is still drive to the wheels and the gearbox is changing up and down fine.



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Gutted for you :(

It’s likely that one of the bearings has collapsed and while the transmission still turns as soon as you put it under load it will push the shaft or gear it is supporting out of whack and that causes the noise.

I’m not defending the mechanic but I remember getting called out to a wheeled excavator that had a problem, everything I checked seemed fine, oil pressure, water temp, hydraulics, everything. Fortunately the owner company was there at the time and even he said it was running sweet as a nut. I sent him on his way and ten minutes later the engine picked up on one of the pistons and threw a conrod out the side of the block, so on a diagnosis without a major strip down, some problems can escape detection.


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I just went to the garage and saw the car on the ramps. The drive shaft is intact at the wheel end. The guy said he couldn't see anything again. I told them to keep it there til they sussed it out. They are going to attempt to drive it! well they didn't ring me before they closed so I am still in the dark.

What the F is it. Ho can something squeeling go bang then knock constantly but be invisible. There is still drive to the wheels and the gearbox works????????

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when I was sold my Gen5 I was told that it didn't drive as it had something wrong with the clutch.

I put a new clutch in, still no drive.

On further investigation I found that the drivers side driveshaft was a two peice affair with an inboard universial joint.

The joint looked intact but the ball bearings had come out of their cage and were in the rubber boot.

Replaced the shaft and I had drive.

Could your problem be the inboard joint on that shaft.


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That is interesting. The rubber boot was still on the CV joint (passenger side). And it was obvious the garage hadn't looked underneath the boot. I am wondering if it is the CV joint. If it is I will be happy as it's not as expensive.

Thing is I never had that click/knock on steering. Just a constant scrapey sqeel. Til it finally went bang.

Who sells new CV joints?

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