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New 1.0 Yaris Compared To Old


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Why does the new 1.0 yaris have a 13.6 sec 0-60 time where as old 1.0 has only 14.2sec.

Is the new car lighter or is it a different ECU because have feeling that it has different levels of torque and bhp.

And has anyone tried the new automatic in the yaris 1.0.

Thanks Simon

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I think the facelift is a bit lighther, mainly due to a slightly different dashboard, less sound-proofing (like all French built ones) and possibly slightly different gearing.

As regards the 1.0 Auto, well it's not really an automatic, it is like the Easytronic gearbox in the Corsa, where it is a manual gearbox but with an electronic change and clutch so it drives just like an Automatic.

From my experience of the ones in Corsa's, they usually change quite a bit slower than a proper auto, but are perfectly useable, the only other downside is when on a hill, the box can take half a second to engage so you get a bit of roll although very slight.

Personally I would recommend a pre-facelift 1.3 Automatic instead, as that way you get the proper auto box which is excellent and you get a car made properley in Japan.

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dunno bout u people but i have noticed a huge difference in power when i dont have my boot build in the car and when its got 5 ppl in and a boot build it barely moves

any 1L will be the same. I must say the YTS is good with weight though.

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