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Useless club with no discounts, roadside assistance is about the best thing to get out of it.

Forget it if i was you.

Open a TSB Current Account and get free AA Assitance. :lol:

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hi Surinder

you got free subscription is that like magazines and what other stuff did you recive

the only thing i got send is the RAC roadside assistance card which last only a year which is silly as if a brand new car will break down in there first year

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you obviously have never had a new Ford

i thought we are talking toyota here :wacko:

since other brand has been mention just like to point out mercedes-benz have a life time roadside assistance

you know what they say you cant go wrong buying a mercedes-benz i have to agree :thumbsup:

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hi T128,

yeah i get a mag every few weeks telling me how great toyota is and their cars, and with money saving deals like

"fitted, 6 disk cd changer for only £750 !!!"

oooh what a bargain i thought just before it went in the bin :lol:

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I kept the membership going for the second year for the RAC assistance ONLY - the rest of the bumf was of no interest to me.

But I won't be renewing in a few weeks.........

My father-in-law picked my wife and I up from Luton Airport after our holiday (very nice, thanks). He broke down in a tiny village in Herts with a slipped cam belt - the timing went and :censor: the cylinder heads/valves I think - it needed a wrecker to carry us and the car back to essex.

RAC don't have their own wreckers so the sub-contract out to local garages. They would only use one garage in the area we were in and their only driver was involved in an accident - RAC wouldn't source a wrecker from another area so we had to wait SIX :censor: HOURS for the same driver to recompose himself and get another truck to use.

Luckily we broke down 200 yards from a quiet pub (didn't open it's doors until 6PM) and had a meal.

RAC suck *****.

I think I'll go back to Green Flag as with all the problems I had with my Saxo, they never let us down - I'd say we called them out about 10 times in 2.5 years!!

I'll be paying more than the £55 I pay to Toyota but it's worth it for peace of mind.

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