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Stupid Newbie Celica Question...


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I'm new to this site, so please be gentle...

I am thinking of buying a new(ish) Celica in November, probably a 2001/2002 model. I am after the 190Bhp T-Sport model. I was wondering though, does anyone know whether it is front or rear wheel drive. Toyota sent me some brochures but I cannot find anything in them relating to this.


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Definately 100% fwd

Were you after 4WD or RWD?

I'd suggest if you are to get an MR2, a Supra or a GT4. For the price of a new Celica MK7 you could pick up a really good one of any of these. Think About it :thumbsup:

And by the way to any mk7 celica owners reading this, im not putting down the new shape car (although i hate it personally :P ) . :thumbsup:

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Hey Sid, were a great bunch of lads & lasses here at TOC and very helpful to boot......

Defo FWD Celica there mate......

Good taste in cars Sid..........No harm in looking at a Celica Mk 6 GT4 though if you fancy a bit more oooooooooooommmmpppphhhhh........ :thumbsup:

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