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Help Me Please! Kali Jdm?


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:angry: just curious... is there a way to make a jdm engine street legal in california.. as in how to meet the correct emission standards? well im new in the japanese domestic market style. and well i dont want to have problems with the law........

basicaly if i put that jdm engine in... is there a way for me to meet those emission standards with that engine and not get in trouble if i get pulled over?? if i cant do much to stop that should i just not get caught or should i just not put it in? :help::help::help::help::thumbsup::eek:

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if you can use the emission controls (exhaust gas recirculation, catalytic converter etc) that are on your car now it shouldn't be a problem.

might be best speaking to a local garage and find out what the co / hc limits are for your area and then see what the JDM engines are :thumbsup:

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