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tyre brand  

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  1. 1. which brand do u think is the best

    • Bridgestone
    • Michelin
    • Continental
    • Goodyear
    • Pirelli
    • Dunlop
    • Other

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Hello there,

i need some new tyres for my corolla, i had bridgestones on there when i got the wheels which i thought were pretty good, but i'm not sure if i should get them again as there could be better ones out there.

So please vote for which ones u think are the best and value for money, and if u choose 'other' please state which ones they are.

Thanks :)

PS. Sorry if this topic has already been done :P

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So far, i've gone through 3 sets of tyres on my car in 4.5yrs

1st, it came with Dunlops, good tyres but aweful in the wet, was skidding and wheel-spinning all the time, so dropped them after 20K

Next was Goodyear Hydragrips, excellent tyres in both dry and wet, but wore them out within 20K, found out they were a softer compound, and more of a summer tyre than an all year tyre.

Currently on Michelin Energy, another excellent tyre, so far can't fault them.

If i had to pick one of them, it would be the Goodyear's, usd them previsouly in the past and always found them a good choice of tyres.



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Depends if your after a performance tyre. I love Goodyear Eagle F1's, excellent grip in the wet and dry, best tyre i've used. My next favourite is Toyo T1-R's, these I think are slightly better in the dry but not so good in the wet.

The only downside with them is that they wear out rather quickly. I went through £1250 worth of Eagle F1's in my S13 200SX (2 sets of fronts, 3 sets of rears) in little over a year and about 6-8k of mileage, and that wasn't with me burning them out/drifting, etc.

At the moment, my Levin is on Toyo T1-R's (on the front) as I found them cheap (have a look in Motorworld for these, their prices match anything you'll find on the net) :) I've got Yokohama A539's on the back and they don't seem too clever.

I don't know what other peoples Levins handle like but mine oversteers quite a bit, both in the wet and dry. This isn't lift off oversteer either, even when i'm foot to the floor the back sometimes steps out. :eek:

The good thing is, the chassis is excellent and the car feels more comfortable sideways than my old S13.

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ive had 3 different makes of tyres, i thought the goodyear eagle f1's were unbeatable, but the new toyo proxies have just proved better overall then the goodyear, but only just slightly!! i once drove a evo with nankangs, possibly the worst tyres ever. drove a elise with bridgestones on the track for a while, didnt think they were any good in the wet and peeled after a few laps in the dry!

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yokohama advan ao48's. there really good even in the wet...they dont like puddles tho


Isn't that a bit of a contradiction, good in wet but hates puddles, bit like saying, it's hot ice :lol:

Or are you saying, good in wet, but loses it in standing water, that would mean your on the way to aquaplanning :eek:



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