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Putting Car Up On Blocks


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Right, I'm going to post a question for a change!!

As many of you are no doubt aware, I've been preparing to put my rev 2 Turbo back on the road for some months now. She passed the MOT flawlessly today :) (not bad considering she's been off the road for nearly two years). Anyway, to the point....

The alloys are very very shabby i.e. flaking paint. I've got a very good quote from a company in Brum to powdercoat and lacquer them, but in order to do this I need to take the wheels off the car and place the car up on concrete blocks. My question is.....

Has anyone done this? If you have, where did you place the blocks? I'm concerned that if I am not careful I will cause damage to the car, so I need to know where there are some points that could take the cars weignt whilst it stays stable i.e. doesn't fall off the blocks etc. which would be something of a pity!

Thanks guys.......

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Please dont use bricks, its not safe, go to your local car shop and treat yourself to 4 axle stands.

jack the car up one corner at a time and place the axle stands on either the sills or subframe (i cant recall the layout), basicly anything that looks remotely substantual will hold the car.....

Dan :thumbsup:

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if you look in an hynes manual or the howners hand book it shoul show lifting an jacking points put the stands in the lifting points (usaly the sill where you put the jack so jack up in th middle of the car) and yes USE AXLE STANDS i use nothig else as its just not safe just as yaristpot said :thumbsup:

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Right - Axel Stands it is then! Can get a set of four for £20, handle up to two tonnes which I think should just about do it :)

Thanks for the warnings and all of your help guys, much appreciated.

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