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Boost Gauge


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contact fensport they sell an SPA guage that does boost and temp in one digital guage i think they're about £150 (sorry not sure what it is in your currency) :thumbsup:

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it all depends on your opinion of style... i myself like the reverse indiglow gauges. Autometer.com has mad gauges... heres the link to the reverse Indiglo for Oil Temp and Boost... anyone else think these are the best gauges?



The dash kit goes really nice with the guages too. You can find a lot of them at


Tell me what you thkink of the gauges. Peace B)


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The local Max Muppet shop (Gasoline Alley, Rip Speed etc) .. will stock them.

I origionally got a "TIM" boost guage .. was okay, not the best, but it was goot enough to tune the car.

I've now got an Omori guage in the stock location. Got it from Jase at MTTE. Was expensive and took an age to arrive, but worth it!

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Yeah, I'm getting rev 3 lights from Jase... taking a month + to arrive .... :(

then again by the time the bodyshop lets me in to paint the center panel it will prob be at least a month

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