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Hey all, im looking for a 77 celica at the moment, i found one in wicked condition, rang the guy up to go back for another look and he'd sold it. I've been looking in the papers but cant seem to find any, guess ill have to keep looking.

I dont really know a great deal about cars, I know how they work, like the mechanical theory but never actually pulled much of them apart, i've changed wheels after burnouts lol and changed my brothers coolant pump on his cortina but thats about it :(.

I love the look on the older celica's (1st generation) and i have a few questions.

I've been getting some quotes for new parts cause i want to do one up if i ever manage to find one. I got a price for a 1/2 cut CA18DET for $2400 AUD, i was wondering if this is a 2.0L DOHC, i want this car to be as fast as i can get it lol.

I was also wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between the RA28 and the TA28

I probably sound like a !Removed! askign obvious questions or questions that dont make sense but im really interested in learning

Thanks for any help

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I was just looking up about the engines and found that the CA18DET is a nissan 1.8L :S thats what Jap Imports told me to get, I've been told from others that an 18RG is the way to go, do they bolt straight in to the 77 RA28?

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The 18R-G engine is almost a straight swap for your existing engine - you'll need the throttle linkage and thats about it, it will bolt straight in. It's certainly the easiest and probably cheapest way to make the RA28 go faster.

I would be very suspicious of the advice you have been given to fit the Nissan engine - it will physically fit, but you will need to spend a great deal of time making engine mounts, rerouting the electrics, cooling hoses and fuel supply and hoping that you don't need to make up a new propshaft, or cut the transmission tunnel for a relocated gear shift.

The first letter of Celica codes denotes which engine is fitted, so the TA28 came with the 2T or 2T-B or even 2T-G 1600cc engine, the RA28 with the 18R or 18R-G 2000cc engine. The twin cams (18R-G & 2T-G) share the same basic block with the single cam engines of the same series, which is why they are such an easy swap.

I hope thats helpful, but you may be better off in the Classic Forum if you need more ....


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