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:( please can anyone out there help me?

i have an old celica 1989 2litre twin cam that is in otherwise perfect condition, however the problem i have appears to be linked to the starter motor? the engine isnt seized but when i turn the ignition key the engine gives half a turn or so then refuses to spin whilst the starter motor makes a funny noise, I think these starters have a clutch in them and I assumed this was slipping, I bought a reconditioned starter motor and fitted it only to have excactly the same thing happen!!! I may be unlucky and the second motor is faulty but I cant believe it! Im flumuxed maybe the ring gear is worn? I just dont know ,if anyone can help please make a suggestion, thanks in advance.

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I know this may sound obvious but is your Battery ok?

Sounds very much like your Battery is flat.

Sounds like you only have a small amount of voltage which isnt enough to turn the engine over.

Definatly worth a go :thumbsup:

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When you turn it over do you get a repeated clicking sound or just one click, if it's repeated then your Battery is flat if just a single click it could be a couple or reasons, check the ring gear just remove the started and pop yer head in for a look round and see if it's goosed! :bookworm:

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