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Giddlepin - Something Your Not Telling Us Les?


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"Cars owned by nudists are typically worth around £500 less than equivalent models owned by clothed people" warns Steve Stevens of market analysts CAP, "mainly due to staining."

Havent nudists heard of wiping?? :sick:


They aint taken part in jappys poll have they :lol::lol:

And Les just because your cars topless it doesnt mean you have to be too :P

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Toyota's current MR2 has won many plaudits for its performance and handling but, with no luggage space to speak of, it's of toss all use if you want to carry some bags. Fortunately this isn't a problem for the UK Nudists Association which has just made the roadster its Car Of The Year for a second time. "Critics say the MR2 only has enough room for a toothbrush," notes UKNA president Lysander Adipose, "and happily that's all my wife and I take with us on a weekend away. We're proud to make this bootless wonder our COTY again."

Well Les they got the initials of your name right...........................I suppose they changed the actual name to protect the guilty ;) :lol::lol:

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