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1998-2000 Mk2 Rear Spoiler


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I seem to remember reading somewhere that they're £300 (maybe even £500) from Toyota, and probably doesn't include painting.

They fit using the same holes as the revision 3 & 4 spoiler. So obviously if you've got a rev 1 or 2 then you're gonna have to get your drill out :D

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I know of a scrapyard that has a MK2 MR2 silver spoiler actually on a scrapped MR2, i was gonna have it on my Carina but thought it was too much hassle, and they only wat £75!! +VAT for it!

if ya still intrested ill get details for ya

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Well, it will be fitted to a mk1, so will defo need some work to fit :)

will try MTTE now, thanks

would a bodyshop easily plonk a rev 5 spoiler onto a rev one car ?

Looking into getting a later spec spoiler also to fit a rev 1 car...

do the bits to the side of the rev 1 spoiler also have to come off I expect ? ( if you know what I'm on about )

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